Nizam’s at Hogg Street (New Market),Kolkata

Mention Nizam’s to any Calcuttan and you would immediately get a nod and mention of Kathi roll. This outlet in New Market area has over the years attained legendary status.

Weekends are very hectic for us (especially Saturdays). Most of the work gets done on a Saturday and we (our family) keep moving from one point to the other. It was on such a Saturday when we were moving all around the city the whole day and finally when it was over, it was around 3 PM. We were close to New Market and decided to drop at Nizam’s which is at Hogg Street.

We entered the restaurant and took our seat in the ground floor which is the non air-conditioned section. First floor had the air-conditioned section. The ground floor was a bit shabby with glass walled kitchen on one side and toilet on the other. We asked the waiter whether we can shift to the first floor. The waiter said that it was full. We told him that we had just seen a family of four move out from first floor as we were entering. To this, he said that he would enquire and proceeded to take the order.

Here is what we ordered:
1) Nizam Special Chicken Mutton Biriyani – Rs 240/-
2) Chicken Shahi Korma – Rs 150/-
3) Mutton Kathi Roll – Rs 60/-

Within 10 minutes, Mutton Kathi Roll arrived on the table. It was good but sorry to say that I did not get that “awesome, out of the world” feeling after my first bite. It was good and can be way better.

This was followed by Biriyani and Korma which arrived some 15-20 minutes later. The biriyani was good but again there are others which are much better. The biggest flaw was that the mutton piece needed to be cooked better. The size of the mutton was good but inner parts of it were pinkish and not cooked enough. We could eat only a section of the mutton and disposed off the rest. The best of the lot was Chicken Shahi Korma. It was awesome and we made sure not a drop of the gravy and the pieces were left.

All this while, the waiter never bothered to attend to our request of shifting to the first floor. Also, once the food was served, he never came back to ask us if we needed anything else. End of the meal, the bill directly came down to the table.

Not a very pleasant experience and I did not feel happy when I stepped out.I don’t know whether Nizam’s management ever takes the pain to find out how the restaurant is being run. Or maybe, they don’t even bother since they have hit the legendary status and with that name, customers would anyways keep on coming. Personally, I may never go back again.

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